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becomes reality

In search of making our dream come true, we chose a special place where our collection could come to life and where our guests could enjoy the breathtaking scenery. So together with Daniel Pi and Marcelo Belmonte in charge of studying the viability of the surrounding terrain, we selected an iconic place on the wine route: Gualtallary.


taking root

In search of a place to make our wines and establish the winery, the family found a place of superlative quality for the cultivation and production of ultra-premium wines, in Gualtallary, Valle de Uco.

Gualtallary is destined to acquire international recognition for being where the freshest Argentine wines are created. Its’ soils have a superficial layer of sand, which rest on a layer of rounded stones in which a significant presence of calcium carbonate is evident, delivering extremely complex wines.


El Tomillo

In the heart of Gualtallary stands Finca el Tomillo, which is so called thanks to the presence of the wild herb (thyme) in that area. It is there where the core of the project is located and where research is constantly being generated to develop vineyards with the potential to create “The best wine in Argentina”. Among other analyses, one of the most extensive studies in terms of plot research was carried out with CONICET, to understand the correlation and composition of soils with the native flora and its conductivity.

Respecting each variation of the terroir was the premise to creating a vineyard with unique characteristics in Argentina. We began by testing various fruits, looking for their best expression and finally we selected the plots that for us represent the purity and identity of Bemberg Estate Wines.

"We are producing wines in unique vineyards in Argentina, vineyards that are worthy of admiration."

Marcelo Belmonte


where the alchemy happens

With the Andes mountain range towering in the background, the winery brings with it an ancient history, full of dreams and deep ties that transcend time. Inspired by family unity, its architecture synthesises the passionate cult of wine and a love of art that we share, as well as our respect for the land.

The winery has state-of-the-art technological equipment and an organic design that is friendly to the natural environment that surrounds it. The west wing and the east wing come together in a microvinification experimentation area, a method that allows us to elaborate each plot in a different way, in small, limited batches.

"This winery was conceived to transcend in time over generations. Its realisation is a source of pride for both the Family and the Wine Industry of Argentina."

Daniel Pi

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The wines can be considered "Estate Wines" as they are made with grapes from the vineyards that surround the winery. This allows for meticulous control of performance and attention to detail throughout the production process; foliage management, soil and ideal point of maturity and immediate transport of bunches to the winery so that they arrive fresh, and just harvested

The winery was designed for the microvinification of small batches of grapes from different micro-terroirs in which Finca El Tomillo was divided. This capacity for vinification and microvinification is essential to produce and select blends of wine in very small batches.

"We relied on three axes on which to design this winery:
1. The value of the landscape as an unavoidable context of architecture,
2. The weight of local history and culture as a starting point on which to start thinking about the new.
3. The awareness of wanting to contribute, with this work, to an architecture of wine that identifies its own and authentic thinking within the framework of what is happening in the world."

Eliana Bórmida y Mario Yanzón



gathering and meeting

The House is a space for the family to meet and discuss. A site that reflects the essential attributes of its members and constitutes a meeting place to share a love for wine for many generations.

From a landscape perspective, the house is located in a masterful point, framed by the Andes Mountains, vineyards and a mirror of water in which it is reflected.

In the shape of an Enneagon, the design of the house exposes the divine or golden proportion, resulting in harmonious architecture that is friendly to the natural environment.

Each side of this geometric figure boasts a different space, between suites, a library, a living room, a wine cellar and even an internal patio, the house is the perfect place to be inspired and carried away by the beauty of the Uco Valley.

"The challenge was to design a place with a soul, that will nurture the energy of the family over the years."

Mario Connío