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El Milagro

Plot #15

1.130 MASL

Regarded as one of the very best microterroirs in Argentina, it offers a defined Malbec with vibrant acidity and multi-faceted tannins.

Finca El Milagro, at 1,130 masl, in La Consulta, Mendoza, is an estate located in the Uco Valley. It stands on the oldest alluvial fan formed by the Tunuyán River and is home to plot No. 15, a microterroir presenting sandy, deep, ancient soils with high concentrations of calcium carbonate, in addition to soils composed of 89% sand, 6% silt and 5% clay. This characteristic type of soil delivers a distinctive Malbec brimming with vibrant acidity.


  • Roots

    45 cm deep

  • Stratum 1
    (0-45 cm)

    Texture: Sandy
    Rock concentration: 75%
    Permeability: Abundant
    Roots: slightly abundant and very fine


La Consulta is located in the southernmost point of the Uco Valley, in the province of Mendoza. Finca El Milagro has been classified as Region III under the Winkler Index, as it stands on an alluvial fan formed by the Tunuyán River. This is a dry, cold, temperate site with an average temperature of 17.6° C from October to April, where rainfall is scarce, averaging 220 mm annually. Its location confers distinctive features on the soil, which turns this region into one of the best terroirs in Argentina.