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El Tomillo

Plot #1 y #5

1.210 MASL

A site meant to yield the best wines in Argentina and the very best Malbecs in the world.

Finca El Tomillo stands at 1,210 masl, on an alluvial fan built up by streams from Las Tunas River, about 24 km from the river mouth in the valley. This fantastic microterroir is home to two unique parcels. The soil in plot No. 1 is characterised by an initial 70-cm deep sandy stratum, while plot No. 5 presents its first stratum at a depth of 120 cm, both resting on rounded clastic rocks with a high content of calcium carbonate or lime. These soils offer an absolutely elegant and complex Malbec, undoubtedly sourced from a microterroir, and a Chardonnay brimming with vibrant acidity.


  • Roots

    40 cm deep

  • Stratum 1
    (0-40 cm)

    Texture: Sandy
    Rock concentration: 2%
    Moderate permeability

  • Stratum 2
    (40-110 cm)

    Texture: Sandy
    Rock concentration: 75%
    Lime: 50 a 100%
    Moderate permeability


North of Tupungato, in the province of Mendoza, lies the district of Gualtallary. A place destined to become the cradle of the best Argentinian wines, it is known for yielding the best Malbecs across the world, owing to its very ancient soils with high lime content. Characterised by its arid, rocky features, the site presents a cold, dry, temperate climate with an average temperature of 18.3° C from October to April. Average annual rainfall is 320 mm.