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Las Mercedes

Plot #19

1.650 MASL

A microterroir where the combination of sunny mornings, warm, mild afternoons and a marked thermal range translates into a Cabernet Sauvignon with a solid tannic structure.

Finca Las Mercedes stands at 1,650 masl in the Calchaquí Valleys, Cafayate, in the province of Salta. The estate is home to parcel No. 19, located on the distal area of an alluvial fan of the Yacochuya River.

This is a site presenting a unique microclimate, the result of the confluence of the Calchaquí and Santa María Rivers, and deep sandy soils, originated from metamorphic and igneous graphite-type rocks. Its soil textural composition is characterised by the presence of 2% clay, 89% sand and 9% silt. These soils contribute to an intense, charismatic Cabernet Sauvignon, one that truly reflects the essence of the Cafayate Valley.


  • Roots

    60 cm deep

  • Stratum 1
    (0-40 cm)

    Rock concentration: 10%

  • Stratum 2
    (40-150 cm)

    5% sandy with rocks
    Roots: moderately abundant


Located in the province of Salta, in the northwest of Argentina, the Cafayate Valley is a place brimming with potential. The site, classified as Region V – VI according to the Winkler Index, is characterised by the presence of poor alluvial soils where vines may grow and relish sunny days almost all year round. The average annual rainfall is 210 mm. Its dry, temperate climate means an average temperature of 20.6° C, with sunny mornings and warm, mild afternoons which allow for long ripening periods and a marked thermal range that turns Cafayate into an exceptional terroir.