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Los Chañares

Plot #73

1.950 MASL

Its soils, high in lime concentration and minerals, deliver a powerful Malbec with great character and distinctive typicity.

This remote spot in home to plot No. 73, at 1,950 masl. The microterroir is flanked by the Aconquija Mountains to the east and the Quilmes high hills to the west, in the apex and mid-section of two alluvial fans, which results in rocky soils with the presence of 60% flat, sub-angular clasts measuring 5-15 cm in diameter. Originating from igneous and sedimentary rocks, the textural composition in these soils is characterised by the presence of 96% sand and 4% silt. A distant, secluded estate where its soils, rich in lime and minerals, offer a Malbec that stands out for its typicity and minerality.


  • Roots

    50 cm deep

  • Stratum 1
    (0-50 cm)

    Texture: Sandy-silt
    Rock concentration: 70%
    Roots: Fine and abundant


Chañar Punco is a remote, secluded microterroir in the southern area of the Calchaquí Valleys, in the province of Catamarca, on the northwest of Argentina. A site like no other in our country. Classified as Region IV according to the Winkler Index, the area is characterised by its arid, dry, temperate climate and scarce rainfall, averaging 199 mm a year. The vines in this area are exposed to an average temperature of 19.6° C from October to April, as well as a marked thermal range that translates into cool mornings, warm, mild afternoons and cold nights, all of which contribute to the potential for this area.